Bristol students get a lesson in distracted driving

Published on Tuesday, 24 October 2017 21:51
Written by Kristen Gloss

Staff Writer

BRISTOL - Almost 60 students gathered at Bristol Hospital Tuesday morning to investigate future careers in healthcare and to learn a lesson about drunk and distracted driving.

Bristol Hospital has been running the “Consequences of Texting And Drunk Driving” as a career fair and learning event for 10 years under the leadership of Cindy Soucy, learning development coordinator.

“The messages are pretty powerful. While we have the attentive audience, we give them a message of strength about drunk driving. The dramatic makeup and beer goggles really show how it impairs you and the consequences it can have,” Chris Boyle, director of public relations said.

The students rotated through six stations with interactive displays on Emergency Medical Services, radiology, interactive simulation mannequin, nursing education, beer goggles and operating room operations.

In order to attend this event, students from Bristol Central, Bristol Eastern and Lewis Mills High Schools interested in a medical career signed up.

“While we have them here, and have their attention, our mission is twofold - to show what happens when drunk driving, demonstrate what happens to you after an accident, and to see what a nurse does and their training,” Soucy said. “This is not TV, it’s real life. These kids are our future, so we want to know that they got us covered.”

Students had the opportunity to be boarded and collared with emergency center staff, listen for heart murmurs on the interactive simulation mannequin and walk while visually impaired by night goggles and beer goggles.

Bristol Central junior Dainell Palmer signed up for the event because she wants to become a nurse. “It’s really cool to learn and be a part of this. I learned what a [heart] murmur sounds like.”

“The staff share what they do and are proud to share their knowledge and explain many career options,” Boyle said. “They are people who basically save lives for a living.”

The hospital also offers a one-day job shadowing opportunity and an internship program for students interested in pursuing medical careers.

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