Joint board approves $13.3M for Memorial Boulevard project

Published on Tuesday, 8 August 2017 21:08
Written by Lorenzo Burgio


BRISTOL - The resolution for appropriating $13.3 million for phase one of the Memorial Boulevard Community Cultural Center Project and 750-seat theatre was approved by the joint board Tuesday night.

The resolution states that only $500,000 of the $13.3 million can be used to finalize the project’s plans. The rest of the money can be allocated once the plans are finalized.

Joint board member Ron Burns voted against the resolution and said there is a lack of information about the project’s sustainability.

“With the fiscal state of our state, we don’t have any idea yet what type of municipal aid we will be receiving from the state,” Burns said. “We are not sure of the construction costs yet for the renovations to the building. I’m just wondering what happens if the theatre can’t make its operational expenses.”

The joint board is made up of members of the City Council and Board of Finance.

In the council meeting held immediately after the joint board meeting, the Ordinance Committee introduced and scheduled a public hearing to discuss a new section to the Code of Ordinances.

The new section will prohibit the storage, disposal or use of fracking waste. The hearing will be held on Aug. 16, at 5:30 p.m. in the first floor meeting room located in City Hall.

Also, an amendment to the purchase and sale agreement between the city and Bristol Hospital was passed during the council meeting.

“This is a technical adjustment based on the results of a survey that was prepared, which required an amendment to the contract,” City Councilor David Preleski said.

A motion for B.E.S.T. -4-Bristol, a drug-free prevention coalition, to establish a website that will be developed by Rebel Interactive Group was approved by the City Council.

Awarding a contract in the amount of $104,800 to Sav-Mor Heating & Cooling Inc. for mechanical improvements at Ellen P. Hubbell Elementary School was also approved by city council.

The joint board approved an additional appropriation of $50,000 within the Capital Projects Fund for professional services at Page Park Pool. City Council then approved a contract for $46,160 to TLB Architecture for architectural services related to improvements at Page Park Pool.

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