Public encouraged to vote in The Press' mayoral race poll

Published on Wednesday, 17 May 2017 21:33
Written by Lorenzo Burgio

Staff Writer

BRISTOL - Ellen Zoppo-Sassu is seeking another election faceoff against Mayor Ken Cockayne who is running for re-election.

At Monday’s Bristol Democratic Town Committee meeting, Zoppo announced she will run for election. She ran against Cockayne in 2015, but lost by a small margin.

Cockayne has previously said he will seek re-election to continue the progress made in recent years to make the city more attractive and family friendly.

The Bristol Press is conducting a poll at to see if the public would vote for Cockayne or Zoppo if the mayoral elections were held now.

The same question was asked on Facebook, and comments supporting both candidates have been seen.

“If I’m living in Bristol when it’s time for the election, I’m voting for Ken. He is the best mayor Bristol has had in a long time. He’s the only one who says he is going to do stuff and gets it done,” commented Marc Bramhall.

“Ken Cockayne is the way for sure. Best thing to happen to Bristol for sure,” commented Dylan Begin.

“When asked by my Bristol friends and family about this election, I say Ellen Zoppo is smart and gets things done!” said Cira de Castillo.

“Ellen is by far the best candidate to lead our city!” wrote Dennis Martin.

The post, asking residents who they would vote for, was published Tuesday afternoon and currently has Zoppo ahead of Cockayne. The post and poll will remain up until 3:30 p.m. today.

The public is encouraged to go to the Bristol Press website to vote, or the Facebook page to share their opinions. The results will be announced in tomorrow’s paper.

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