BRISTOL BITS: Mourning the passing of Norman 'Foo' Fournier

Published on Tuesday, 11 April 2017 21:24
Written by Bob Montgomery

Every once in awhile I like to surprise an individual by writing something about them here while not letting them know ahead of time. So, it’s Earl Dube’s turn. Earl is a member of the Korean War Veterans Committee and I’ve shared his military story in this newspaper on a couple of occasions.

I’m hoping this current entry brings a smile to his face. Hello to his wife, Betty, too.

Dave Cichon

Dave Cichon, who has been living in Colorado for some years now, was one of the honorees at the Bristol Tramps Sports Reunion dinner on Friday night. On Monday, Maryellen Holden, MC for the evening, and I, Dave’s contact for the Tramps, received some kind words from Dave in an email.

Dave is enjoying the good life, one of success and family, and is a first class guy. I recall first seeing him as a young Little Leaguer at Wilson Field way back when. Not only was he a standout athlete, but a standout in the classroom.

(P.S. It was also good to see his brother, Ed, who was at the dinner.)

Dan Sutula

A shout out to Dan, who invited me to attend his Bristol High School class gathering at Friendly’s this morning. I am unable to attend this one, but keep me in mind the next time, Dan. This class is a cool one, as the late Dave LaPorte would say. They get together a few times each year and seem to enjoy each other’s company, even mine, thus the “thank you” on my part.

Kudos, too, to George Sobestanovich, who makes the calls getting the folks together.

Norman “Foo” Fournier

My condolences to the family of Foo Fournier, who died on Saturday. I’m glad I had the opportunity to meet and know him, while also pleased when he was inducted into the Bristol Sports Hall of Fame. His name was legendary to me while growing up and through my adult years although I never had him as a coach. I saw him as a first class guy. Rick Reimer, a former player of his, sent me this email:

“Unfortunate news today (Monday’s obituary) of Foo Fournier’s passing. I was fortunate to have played for him for two summers in Pony League. Great coach and even better person!”

Foo Field

I’ve known Foo Field, popular guidance counselor at Bristol Central, since she was a young girl living on First Street in Bristol. I was a friend of her brother, Tom, who recently retired from police work. What I’m getting to is this: What does Foo stand for? It’s a nickname pertaining to? Anyone?

(P.S. I also know her real first name but won’t tattle.)

Rewind 2002 (15 years ago)

After months of drought, the last few weeks have proven a blessing for the city’s formerly parched reservoirs. By mid-week, their levels had risen to 69 percent of capacity, according to Water Department Superintendent Leonard Valentino.

They had been down 51 percent at their wintertime low. This time of year, the reservoirs are usually overflowing, so a danger exists if the weather again turns warm and dry.


I saw this license plate on a yellow Cooper on South Street on Monday. Would its owner care to share the story behind the plate?

Jay Ray

Jay, a former Bristol Eastern football and baseball player, recently spoke at the Bristol Sports Hall of Fame Leadership Council Breakfast. The Leadership Council is mostly comprised of junior athletes from each of Bristol’s three high schools, those who will likely be a team captain as a senior. This event was the brainchild of former Hall of Fame president and current City Council member Dave Mills, and it’s aimed to help steer these students in the right direction for the key roles they will play during the 2017-18 school year.

Jay’s five areas to work on to be a good leader are: Plan (ahead, have a plan), trust (earn the trust of others), accountability, perseverance and most important, listening. Jay, a WPI grad, is a successful businessman and the brother of Bunty Ray, the current Bristol Central baseball coach.

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