YOUR VIEW: We need clean air ordinances now

Published on Friday, 25 March 2022 13:15
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By Jodie Maro


To the Editor:

Bristol, Plainville and Southington, you need to use your voices. FACT: Many residents have signed the petition against the burning of medical waste at the Bristol incinerator. The City of Bristol doesn't believe you. Many of you have never shown up to a City Council meeting. FACT: It is very possible that Covanta will get a permit to burn medical waste; infectious, pathological and biohazard waste (google it) from medical facilities in 7 states. FACT: Our local air ordinances were removed from the charter in 2021, citing to be "out of date". FACT: We need local clean air ordinances. It is our statutory, municipal right to enact such ordinances with approval from DEEP. Without these ordinances, burning this waste will only be monitored ONCE a year. ONCE. Do you know what's in medical waste? It's more than gowns, gauze, bandages and plastics (google it). We NEED air protections. Unless the City hears from you in person, on the phone, in email or in the newspaper, they will do nothing. FACT: Your kids, your family, your friends, your parents and neighbors will all continue to breathe in dioxins, furans and toxins from burning medical waste and we will just have to take Covanta's word for it; It's safe, there's no danger and we monitor the air. It is not enough we burn 14 towns of household waste, they want to add biohazard waste. Does that bright red bag in the hospital look safe to you?

Jodie Maro


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