YOUR VIEW: Support our veterans and fix the roads

Published on Tuesday, 22 February 2022 16:14
Written by Michael Morneault

To The Editor:

Just wanted to comment on two Items. First, the support that CT gives to Veterans, especially the disabled veterans (a prorated system with a max of $10,000 value off their house taxes) is a disgrace. Even with the max, at a mil rate of 30.00/1000.00 equals $300.00 is not enough to feed a dog for one year.

The City Council in Bristol and other towns need to quit fighting this at the State level and take care of the veterans. The Governor wants votes, he needs to think of veterans and quit rescinding any tax breaks to the people, as well.

The second issue is infrastructure. Route 6 through Terryville to Thomaston is a pothole rough road nightmare. Never should a state allow these horrible type of roads on a main travel state road like route 6. Are we going back to horse and buggy? I drive through states and the mentioned area is one of the worst I have seen. Been on better roads in the backwoods of Vermont. No promises. Actions are what is needed.

Michael Morneault


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