YOUR VIEW: Re-elect Mayor Ellen Zoppo-Sassu

Published on Monday, 2 August 2021 18:17
Written by Debra Schur

To The Editor:

The November election is now 3 months away, but it is not too soon to talk about why we need to re-elect our current leadership team.

In the early and most uncertain days of Covid-19, our city needed a leader able to reassure and guide us through some of the darkest days in modern history. Someone poised to take on the challenges of a global pandemic. Luckily we had one. Mayor Ellen Zoppo Sassu, along with City leadership, immediately focused on ensuring a clean, safe city, a prompt emergency response and economic recovery.

While City Hall closed to the public for the first 3 months, Staff continued to work and provide services, as well as support small businesses. City Council members personally delivered personal protective equipment. Parks remained safely open and additional safe places were created, for citizens to enjoy the outdoors. The Mayor’s office worked with the board members at St. Vincent dePaul to ensure 2 months of dinners were delivered to the shelter residents while they were in quarantine, without a director or cook. The Mayor’s office opened the All Heart Hotline so that those with needs had a direct line to assistance. Hundreds of citizens also called to volunteer at lunch distribution sites, to distribute Farmers to Families food boxes and to check in on our senior citizens.

You see, when leaders set the bar high, citizens will follow. On other fronts, the City made measurable strides. in it’s commitment to racial justice efforts both inside City Hall and in the community. Diversity, equity and inclusion are now discussed in every department and are reflected on city board and commission membership.

Just for good measure, lets throw in a little catastrophe called Storm Isiais. The Mayor and Staff put in 24 hours a day, first coordinating a response with Eversource, and then implementing it. She was in direct contact with citizens, regarding outages, downed lines and trees. Bristol did such a great job with it’s storm response that the Governor used our city as a backdrop for it’s post storm update. Putting Bristol in the news for positive reasons. Such a refreshing, regular occurrence with this administration.

I have often heard our Mayor say that one of Bristol’s greatest strengths is city staff, those who rose to meet each moment in order to save lives and safeguard the City.

In these past 16 months the challenges have been many, and at times, extraordinary, but with this mayor’s measured approach to problem-solving and collaboration, along with her work ethic, Bristol is on a steady path to recovery.

I often find myself saying, we are a city blessed, when talking about upcoming groundbreakings Downtown, the theatre at Memorial Boulevard or the wonderful collaborations our Mayor and City Councilors have with so many organizations in town, this team is willing to sacrifice, work hard and be involved to ensure we the citizens, have the best advantage for the future.

We need to re-elect this hardworking team to ensure this level of professionalism and dedication continues and so we will remain...#acityblessed.

Debra Schur


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