YOUR VIEW: Powell's views in his columns are troubling

Published on Wednesday, 27 January 2021 20:57
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To the Editor:

We hear a lot from Chris Powell (usually without identification) these days in the Opinion section of the Bristol Press.

But I’m puzzled as to why that is after reading his cavalier dismissal of the riot at the Capitol on Jan. 6. He argues there was no force behind the rioters but ignores that four deaths occurred. He argues the assault on the Capitol was no coup because few people in government and the military would follow illegal orders.

Can we really count on that remedy to always be there?

We know Trump made changes in leadership of the Defense Department to make obedience more likely. Resistance to unconstitutional demands from the top is not guaranteed. Finally, Powell incredibly concludes that whether the Presidential vote was tallied honestly “remains a fair question deserving investigation.”

This flies in the face of the conclusions of some 70 justices (including conservatives) and numerous state election officials in the key battleground states. Trump’s legal team could present no evidence of fraud when required to do so in court.

At least the Press runs other Op-Ed voices to provide more perspectives on national issues. But there is no such balance when it comes to Powell’s strong right views on state affairs, especially since the Press appears to have abdicated its own traditional editorial responsibilities. Some of his views on the state’s pandemic response, for example, have been, at best, unfortunate.

Is this really the best way to spur healthy community debate?

John Dube


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