THEIR VIEW: Virginia's governor needs to leave office now

Published on Monday, 11 February 2019 20:29
Written by The Richmond Times-Dispatch

Despite threats, pleas, and entreaties from senators and citizens, Democrats and Republicans, former governors and most of the General Assembly, Ralph Northam remains Virginia’s chief executive - at least the last time we checked. And it appears, according to the law, that might not change anytime soon.

So the decision whether to stay or go appears to rest primarily in the hands of Ralph Northam. The Times-Dispatch Editorial Page called for his resignation after he apologized Friday night for appearing in a photograph in which he wore either blackface or KKK robes. We also noted his troubling remarks about late-term abortion late last week.

It is time for Northam to resume his life in the private sector.

Every moment he continues to cling to power diminishes his reputation, credibility, and otherwise impressive record of service to country and commonwealth.

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