YOUR VIEW: Post office needs to improve its service

Published on Thursday, 10 January 2019 18:16
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To The Editor:

I am disappointed with the lack of service from the New Britain Post Office. My father has been missing mail inconsistently from his PO box due to some getting returned to sender because the “box is closed”.

Yet other mail is delivered without issue. Bank statements, credit card bills, investment account statements, and tax bills have gone missing over the past 6 weeks. What does it take for New Britain postal employees to get it right and not create major headaches for a 92 year old who has paid for his box for over 15 years?

When I call, I get false reassurances that the box is open and mail is in it. So why do these egregious errors continue? This has all come to pass because the Post Office failed to notify this customer that his box fee was due by not putting a notice in the box in the first place--a completely avoidable problem. Once aware that mail was not being delivered, the customer paid the fee in mid-November. Instead of paying for this poor and inconsistent service, the local post office should reimburse him for all the aggravation it has caused.

Annabelle Keene

Bellevue, NE

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