THEIR VIEW: Evil lurks on the Web

Published on Thursday, 6 December 2018 20:50
Written by The Washington Post

Some Google employees still seem to believe in the slogan their company dropped from the top of its code of conduct this year: Don’t be evil.

The Intercept reported last week that leaders at Google tried to push Project Dragonfly, the company’s development of a censored search engine for the Chinese market, while keeping it as quiet as possible - and that they tried to sideline the typical privacy review process to do it. Days before the Intercept published its reporting, hundreds of employees publicly signed on to a letter calling on Google to drop Dragonfly. Now, staffers have raised more than $200,000 in pledges to fund a possible strike.

Google says it followed proper procedure during planning for the product, which the company continues to characterize as merely “exploratory.” Executives should stop exploring and recognize reality: By bringing its search back to China, Google would become a part of a censorship and surveillance apparatus that cuts against everything the company claims to stand for.

Chief executive Sundar Pichai confirmed Google’s plans for Dragonfly only in October. He claimed that the company could “serve well over 99 percent of queries” submitted by Chinese users. But that remaining 1 percent matters. To comply with China’s strictures, Google would have to not only withhold results from searchers about taboo topics, such as the Tiananmen Square demonstrations, but also block terms such as “student protest” or “human rights.”

And Google would do more than help China control what its people are allowed to see. It could help China see its people, too. Because core parts of the search system, according to the Intercept, would be based on the Chinese mainland, authorities could easily access people’s records.

Google’s goal has always been to build a more open world through a more open Web. China’s goal has been just the opposite.

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