YOUR VIEW: Malloy, Stewart love tax hikes

Published on Wednesday, 11 July 2018 18:04
Written by Barbara Rockwell, Terryville

To The Editor:

Funny thing – Dannel Malloy, Connecticut’s tax-and-spend governor, has something notably in common with the Republican mayor of New Britain, Erin Stewart. Both have the distinction of imposing the second highest tax increases ever on state and city taxpayers, respectively.

Mayor Stewart increased taxes by 11 percent just after taking office in 2014 – the second biggest tax hike in New Britain history. A few years later, the city ended up with a surplus of $15 million. That’s an accomplishment, right? - except that surplus is equivalent to an average of $500 paid by every city household during the previous years tax increase.

Just days ago, Mayor Stewart vetoed a budget that would have reduced city taxes and cut 25 union positions. But no, Mayor Stewart preferred not to reduce taxes and protect 25 union jobs.

Now Erin Stewart wants Republicans to vote for her in the August primary to run for lieutenant governor. Not a good idea! Keep in mind that the lieutenant governor presides over and breaks tie votes in the state Senate.

The last thing the state needs is a lieutenant governor with a fondness for taxes and government. If that’s what you want, then just leave the Democrats in charge.

I’m voting for Joe Markley, the best man for the job! He will work with the governor to help keep taxes down and begin to bring businesses back to Connecticut.

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