OUR VIEW: Shop local, shop small

Published on Friday, 13 April 2018 20:39
Written by Staff

It’s not easy being a small business owner in Central Connecticut. While the nation’s economy has bounced back from the 2008-2009 recession, Connecticut has lagged behind many states.

Locally, while some cities and towns have enjoyed economic growth, others have limped along burdened with the rising costs of services, pension liabilities, infrastructure issues, rising taxes and a lack of state funding.

So, when cities like New Britain and Bristol take an economic step forward by welcoming a new company, store or restaurant to the community, its big news.

There are ceremonial ribbon cuttings, a crush of customers itching to visit the new place and a sense of optimism.

But when an existing business hits hard times, it usually quietly closes its doors for good.

One longtime business is hoping to keep their doors open and the lights on despite some financial hardship.

The Press reported the owners of Super Natural Market and Deli in Bristol are calling upon the community for support in order to stay in business.

Last week, owners Mark and Gail Asadow created a gofundme page asking for help. “Super Natural is currently having some financial difficulties and will be forced to close in the near future. We have been in the community for 20 plus years, serving fresh cooked food at reasonable prices and our family has staked our livelihoods on the success of this business working.”

So far, they’ve raised $3,000, but need $25,000 to stay afloat. A lofty goal for sure, one that may not be attainable. Overhead, including higher food costs and a relocation have been a drain on the business, the owners said.

And while, a gofundme appeal is one way to try and raise funds, an even better way to help would be for regular customers and new ones, too, to patronize the market and deli.

If we want to keep storefronts in city centers full, residents employed and our communities vibrant, we have to buy local. Bypassing the super store and skipping that online purchase in favor of spending a few dollars at a local shop not only supports the small business owner, it also supports the entire community.

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