OUR VIEW: For a dollar a month, you can give a child light

Published on Friday, 24 November 2017 20:16
Written by Staff

We’ve been lucky so far. We’ve seen a few chilly nights but, for the most part, the sun has done its work during the day and warmed us. But even the most optimistic of us don’t believe that warmer-than-usual temperatures will last as we head into winter.

And that means that some of our neighbors will need assistance paying their gas and electric bills.

That’s where Operation Fuel comes in. Mostly funded by those little check-off boxes on your utility bills, where you’re asked to donate just a dollar a month to help a needy family, Operation Fuel seeks to ensure that local residents have access to year-round energy assistance.

It’s no secret that Connecticut has the highest energy rates in the nation, but what is not so widely known is that over 322,000 Connecticut households can’t afford the cost of home energy. They regularly struggle paying for heat and electricity.

Losing power can mean the inability to refrigerate food and medicine, cook meals and have hot water. It can even mean that a child isn’t able to do his homework because, without electricity, there are no lights in the home.

It’s also no secret that the people of central Connecticut are incredibly generous. One has only to page through Friday’s edition of this newspaper to find stories about all you have given to local charities.

And, yes, now we’re asking you to do just a little bit more. If you can support Operation Fuel by checking off that dollar box on your utility bill, you’ll join with others to make life just a little bit easier for a needy family - maybe even a neighbor.

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