Our View: Thanks to those who risked everything to help

Published on Monday, 11 September 2017 20:26
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Today, we will hear a lot about the victims of Hurricane Irma, just as we learned of the plight of those in the path of Harvey, which hit Texas at the end of August. Of course, our hearts go out to them. In fact, many in central Connecticut have already opened their pocketbooks, helping to rebuild lives disrupted by these two mega-storms.

For a moment, however, we’d like to focus not on the victims but on the heroes, especially those who have paid a high price for their dedication.

The final totals aren’t in but we know that one police officer died in Harvey and two more in Irma. They and fellow first responders, as well as civilian volunteers, turned their backs on warnings to stay out of the wind, instead working 16-hour shifts to bring others to shelter and safety.

Some of these heroes aren’t even residents of these beleaguered states and territories. We learned Monday that eight Connecticut National Guardsman have been deployed to help storm victims in Puerto Rico. Gov. Dannel Malloy noted that Connecticut has received help from elsewhere when it was reeling from devastating storms, and so it in turn has a duty to help others.

And last week we told you about 30 local line workers and support personnel from Eversource, who will be lending a hand to get the lights back on in Florida.

These men and women share a legacy with those who were celebrated Monday at Point Lookout, N.Y. where a monument was dedicated to those who died of illnesses years after participating in the recovery effort after the fall of the Twin Towers on Sept. 11, 2001.

True heroes don’t pick the moment they are needed; they simply follow their hearts and respond.

Their efforts deserve our gratitude.

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