It's time to work together to solve our problems

Published on Friday, 25 August 2017 19:46
Written by Staff


It’s to be expected that attacks and mudslinging increases in an election year, and thanks to Connecticut’s particular propensity toward two-year terms, every year seems to be an election year.

That means we get plenty dirty plenty often.

That’s unfortunate, because we are in such deep trouble that every bit of our effort should go toward pushing forward, not pushing back.

The daily press releases from our public officials touting their accomplishments or criticizing their opponents’ performance - without providing alternatives - have gotten very old. Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative, we think there’s plenty of blame for this negativism to go around.

It’s time our leaders commit to providing real solutions to the very real problems we face. It’s time to stop criticizing others unless you’ve got a better idea. Weren’t our parents the ones that taught us to play together nicely?

Great ideas aren’t viable if we don’t know how we’ll pay for them. Or if they create more problems downstream when they are implemented. Or if they make our residents less able to work, to eat or to travel - that is, to live.

Take this as a call to start working together. The pundits tell us that our president was elected because the voters were exasperated with the deadlock of national government. Well, we can safely say our residents are frustrated by the years-long inaction to solve our economic, educational and social problems, or even make a real dent in them.

We can do it. We can have a safer and better tomorrow, starting in our neighborhoods, towns and states. Make American great again? Let’s start with Connecticut, and New Britain and Bristol and all of Central Connecticut, and do it together.

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