Vet concerned about Memorial Boulevard's future

Published on Thursday, 10 August 2017 20:29
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To the Editor:

I met with Mayor Ken Cockayne last week and I presented him with some issues regarding Memorial Boulevard. He arranged a meeting in his office for Wednesday, Aug. 2, at 9 a.m. and at that meeting he introduced me to a Police Department lieutenant from the Traffic Division, and the superintendent of the Parks and Recreation Department.

I introduced the lieutenant to problems about the traffic going through the park, everything from heavy tri-axle dump trucks, tractor trailers, to contractors, carpenters, plumbers and heavy construction equipment. He assured me he would work on these problems very soon. He asked me to tell the veterans that he will be working on these problems.

Next, I confronted the gentleman from the Parks and Recreation Department about the birds and bird droppings. It is impossible to walk in the grass. He assured the vets that he will be working on this problem. He stated that these birds are protected by the federal government from May until October because the young birds can’t fly for any distance and they cannot be harassed by dogs or any other noisy affects. He assured me that between now and October that he will find some ways to get rid of these birds.

I told him we have to cancel all veteran activities on the Boulevard until this problem is resolved. I explained to them this is not fair to veterans, which means the city has not shown any respect to its veterans and has allowed this to happen.

I want to thank the mayor for his time and effort to help the veterans of Bristol. I want to thank anyone and everyone who is willing to help us out with these problems. I also want to thank the mayor, Parks Department and Police Department for their help and cooperation.

Omer Deabay


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