YOUR VIEW: Caggiano: Spending any money on ISP 'wasteful'

Published on Thursday, 9 September 2021 21:23
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To the Editor:

(Editor’s note: The writer is the Republican candidate for Bristol mayor.)

Wasteful government spending has become a norm at the national, state and local levels. I’m Jeff Caggiano and I’m running for Mayor this year to bring honest leadership to the city of Bristol.

That includes scrutinizing our city budget each year. I would like to address the recent claim in an OpEd [letter to the editor, “Caggiano broadband video had many mistakes,” Sept. 9, 2021] that I overstated actual spending on two studies to investigate whether the City of Bristol should become an Internet Service Provider.  The issue that should stand out is that Bristol was even considering competing against several private companies that are installing fiber optics around town as we speak.

Different numbers have been assigned to the expenditure, but allotting taxpayer money (even $25,684.28, the number cited in the op-ed) toward this kind of study is wasteful, and regardless of the exact expenses the budgeted amount of $250k this year were figured into our expenses, which will increase the mil rate for our homes and car taxes. 

As mayor, I will dive deeper and eliminate altogether many of these studies so that we don’t continue to be the outlier town that taxes residents when they’re down.  The majority of Bristol residents will likely agree that this type of spending is exactly what led to the only tax increase in the state of Connecticut in 2020 during the worst economic crisis of our lifetime!

Jeff Caggiano


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