A Point to Ponder: What do you think? Consider this about immigration

Published on Sunday, 21 January 2018 20:16
Written by PHIL MIKAN


The media had an absolute meltdown when it was reported by a Democratic senator that the president, in a closed meeting, asked the group he was meeting with: Why were they always requesting citizenship for immigrants from the poorest countries on the planet? Why could we not be more selective as to who we allow to come to America?

However, he asked the question in locker-room language. I presume he expected the close-door group meeting was not for public review - it was a negotiation between Democrats and Republicans concerning America’s policy on immigration, a question many Americans also are wondering about.

Why does it seem that the poor of some countries are brought in by the trainload and to the exclusion of potentially better candidates for American citizenship from different countries? Why is that?

Some say the national Democratic Party does this as a generator of future party loyal (i.e., future voters). Maybe they do, but it is a definite attempt at changing the American culture to favor Democratic Party politics. That’s what some think. When the Republicans were in office they did the same thing. So who wants the cheap labor?

What many people might not know is that the president of the United States has a very big say as the chief executive of the government as to whom and in what numbers can come into our country.

During President Obama’s time in office, he brought in 800,000 DACA immigrants. Chain immigration really morphed from the old requirement for immigrant sponsors. People who came here had to have a sponsor who would guarantee they would not be a burden on the country; they would have someone to help them become Americans.

Some had jobs waiting for them; others became members of church neighborhood communities and would be helped in their assimilation to the American way. Any of this sound familiar? My grandparents were immigrants - how about yours?

A point to ponder.

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