A Point to Ponder: Where have all the New Englanders gone?

Published on Sunday, 7 January 2018 22:13
Written by PHIL MIKAN


The first big snowstorm of this winter has come and gone, and most of us are still up and about. The way our communities reacted still amuses me.

Schools were let out the afternoon before the storm. Oh, it was a big snowfall for sure, but it didn’t start until four or five in the morning on Thursday -everyone started to shut down on Wednesday.

The storm was as bad as predicted this time, but snowstorms have always been a way of life, not an end-of-the-world event. New Englanders have always been able to work around the reality of their weather. I’m not sure when the mere thought that a major snowstorm could shut down New England communities, but that seems like it’s our reality today.

When I was a young man, if we had a major snowstorm, most of us were expected at work. If we didn’t show up there was a good chance we would not get paid for the workday missed.

And that day at work was almost a nonwork day. People would dress for the storm and would be expected to show up for work late; that was okay, but they were expected.

Some would come in by car, many by bus, but most showed up to work. This was the day of the storm, remember. The day before the storm people were just in the moment; they were at work or school.

As kids, we always hoped for a magical snow day, a day off from school - a day of shoveling and playing and just being home when we shouldn’t be. It was a break in the routine of the week; it was fun because it was unexpected.

This storm was still fun - we just were given more time to be engaged with it. Still - where have the New Englanders gone?

A point to ponder.

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