A Point to Ponder: The coming of Christ: The 4th candle of Advent

Published on Sunday, 17 December 2017 21:09
Written by Phil Mikan


The fourth and last candle of the Advent season is called “the Angel’s candle.” The angels proclaimed the birth of the Savior and are a very important element of the Nativity story. A choir of angels in heaven on high sang joy to the world; Angels came and made announcements to kings, shepherds and all that would listen. The Christ Child had come.

This year, the Nativity, Christmas Eve, will fall on the last Advent Sunday, so many churches are doing special holiday services.

On this special day, Christmas falling on the last Sunday of the four Sundays Advent is celebrated, many say angels walk among us and pay special attention to God’s children.

That was the way my mother through the years would remember the year. Christmas Eve fell on the fourth Advent Sunday. She was a child of six; she lived to be 88 years old, and she always remembered a very special Christmas.

She was a first-generation American, as were her brother and two sisters. My grandparents were from Poland and met and married here in the U.S. Life was never easy; my grandfather was a day laborer at the mercy of a very tight labor market. But one year, the year of this particular Christmas, he had worked hard and long hours, and Christmas promised to be special.

These children went to a very strict Polish Roman Catholic school run by Polish nuns - so they knew about angels. My mother and her siblings were bilingual, Polish first and English second. They always knew that Santa would not come to their home because he couldn’t speak Polish.

Christmas Eve night, just as they were going to bed hoping for presents, they heard their father talking, in Polish, to someone downstairs. All four children poked their heads out the door, and to their wonderment they saw their father talking with Santa at the bottom of the stairs.

They ran to bed and knew they were on his list. At 85, my mother told that story to her grandchildren and insisted the Polish Santa was an angel, a Christmas angel.

A very blessed Christ’s Mass to all, and may God send his angel to your house. Everyone has one or two miracle Christmas in their life time.

A Merry Christmas point to ponder.

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