A Point to Ponder: Thank you, God, for this Thanksgiving

Published on Sunday, 19 November 2017 21:58
Written by Phil Mikan


To me, Thanksgiving is a very special celebration. It’s a day we stop and say thanks for family, friends and where we are in the world. It’s a time we realize we are blessed by the God of our fathers.

My people came to this country three generations ago for a better life, and they took the chance not just for themselves, but for their future progeny, me and mine.

And I thank them for their choice, for the risk they took coming to another culture, another land, for me and mine.

My children are about as American as you can be, and they hold their allegiance to the America of their grandparents and parents and their own understanding of their country.

They hold the hope and promise of their country to be as true for their children as it was for them and their forbearers.

We give thanks for our country, our families and the grace of God. May you all know the blessings of the America, which gives people the opportunity to become members of the American community. God bless you all on this thanksgiving.

A point to ponder.

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