Granddaddy's Secrets: Parenting should come with a warning label!

Published on Monday, 6 November 2017 19:50
Written by Daniel Blanchard


Parents, do you remember when we were young and free and didn’t have a care in the world? Remember how we used to think that our parents needed to lighten up and have a little more fun? We were so happy-go-lucky. We weren’t afraid of anything back then, huh? Well, now, all these years later, I’m wondering what the heck happened to us?

I’ll tell you what I think happened to us… We became parents. I remember being that big tough guy in a little boy’s body who never showed fear or shed a tear. Then I grew up into a big man’s body as a parent and then somehow became a little crybaby again. It’s crazy. I’ve been blindsided somehow by all of this, and I bet you have too, huh?

Has this ever happened to you? I’m watching a movie with my kids and some kid gets hurt and for some crazy reason I’ll silently begin crying. I try to hide it the best I can. But my kids hear me sniffling and see the moist eyes. Then laugh and make fun of me. It’s a pretty humbling experience for this former little tough guy. Tell me. Has this ever happened to you?

How about this one? My wife and I finally put the kids to bed and sit down to have some alone time while watching our nightly television show. Next thing I know, I’ll find myself silently crying again because some kid’s mom is killed. Then I look over to my wife and notice that she’s crying too. Somebody should have warned us.

Now as my Granddaddy always said, “Go learn, lead and lay the way to a better world for all of us.” Parenting should come with a warning label. But, if it did, would we listen to it? Probably not. And that might be a good thing because sometimes we don’t know what’s good for us. And believe it or not, parenting is good for us. And once again parents, thanks in advance for all that you do, and all that you will do…

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