A POINT TO PONDER: 9/11: A day to remember those who didn't come home

Published on Sunday, 10 September 2017 21:01
Written by Phil Mikan

It must have been a little before 9 o’clock in the morning on Sept. 11, 2001, when the phone rang and my mother - in a very agitated voice - loudly told me one of the New York towers at the Trade Center had been struck by an airplane.

By the time I had tuned in both towers had been struck and the upper floors were fully engulfed in flames. People were seen clinging to windows trying to get relief from the heat and smoke pouring over them. Then we saw the victims accept their fate and watched as they jumped to their death… over a hundred stories down to the ground. It was horrific. Beyond belief!

The towers, after being on fire for about an hour, then crashed to the ground. They collapsed in about eight seconds; first one than the other. Anyone in the building became smoke and dust. Americans sat in front of their TV screens not convinced what they were watching was real…many said it was as if they were watching a movie. They were not…it was very real. Over 3,000 World Trade Center workers were killed that day and thousands have not gotten over what happened still.

The nation was truly traumatized and still has not come to grips with that day. Like Pearl Harbor, 9-11 brought America war, tears and change.

The story of who did the deed and how it was executed is still not settled in the minds of many and many Americans feel the government story is a movie script, not true… make believe.

While the true narrative for that day may never be known, what we do know is that we must never forget the people who went to work on a typical day in America and never came home. 9-11 is a critical day for America.

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