A Point to Ponder: Remembering two late-season storms that slammed Connecticut

Published on Sunday, 3 September 2017 19:31
Written by Phil Mikan


It’s been a long time since we have had to watch for the threat of fall and early winter storms - it seems so, anyway.

But then again, think about it. It really has not been that long. Do any of you remember the early storm we had in 2011-2012. I think we had two storms in an eight- or nine-week period. The late-summer storm was bad, but the early winter storm was a record-breaker.

The October storm knocked out electricity for most of the state, and it took weeks for people to get back to normal. The electric company was totally caught off guard. The trees had not lost their canopy, and the storm dumped a very heavy wet snow - branches snapped and fell on power lines all over the state. It was a true disaster. Power-line poles were toppled by falling trees and branches, and many areas looked like war zones.

The electric company was soon after acquired by a foreign conglomerate, and the president of the state electric company was run out of town. It was not a very good time for Connecticut residents. The electric company later asked for many millions of dollars for the recovery - repair costs. The public protested, but the company got lots of money. So here we are, being told we might be in for another series of end-of-summer storms.

We’re quick to forget the bad times, and slow to enjoy the pleasant times when they are on us. So we might get a chance to learn the difference, yet again.

Enjoy the holiday and be ready for the times ahead.

A point to ponder.

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