A Point to Ponder: Lest we forget, Labor Day is a day about labor

Published on Sunday, 27 August 2017 20:24
Written by Phil Mikan


Labor Day is traditionally the end of summer’s leisure and the beginning of another round of work and growth - time to be productive.

At least that’s what it used to mean. Kids going back to school all had new shoes, and some even new clothes; the schools were scrubbed and smelled of fresh paint and waxed floors. We looked forward to new classmates and the new teacher. We were a year older; we were in a higher grade.

I expect the anticipation of a new school year is the same as it was in my time.

The company celebrations where co-workers and their families celebrated the holiday are, for the most part, a thing of the past. The unions used to pay for the celebrations. It was like going to the land of bad boys. All you could eat, free soda, pony rides; sometimes there would be carnival rides and cotton candy.

The next day you were back to school to start a time of discipline and schedules, and early to rise and early to bed - summer was over. The thing is, most of us were okay with the change - the long hot summer was over, and we were getting ready for the glory of autumn and the change of seasons.

Most of the factories are gone now, and the unions have gone from representing blue collar to the white-collar workers. The world has changed and is changing faster as we speak.

So from one who remembers the times of the long eight-week summer, have a great Labor Day weekend and remember: We are celebrating American workers - laborers. These are the people who make the world we live in possible. Have a great day!

A point to ponder.

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