GRANDADDY'S SECRETS: The passing moments of parenting

Published on Monday, 14 August 2017 21:13
Written by Daniel Blanchard

Everyday life makes it difficult to appreciate the preciousness of everyday moments. However, every now and then, the beauty and specialness of the moment hits us, and we momentarily realize that these moments, like our small children crawling into our beds in the middle of the night, aren’t going to last forever. Eventually, these special moments with our young children will be lost to the past. And then we can only hope that we did a good enough job where these special moments can be revived again in our grandchildren.

You see, the present really is a precious present. We need to be aware of that gift and create as many memories as possible. We need to practice self-awareness and meta-cognition. We need to work on our social-emotional intelligence so we can more thoroughly recognize these fleeting moments so we can enjoy them like we’re supposed to.

Every day we’re watching life unfold as we watch our kids grow more and more as our hair grays more and more. Amidst this growth, wisdom usually accompanies our grayness. Hopefully we become more aware of these special everyday moments that are right there in front of us, but are hard to see. You see, unfortunately, these special fleeting moments are tough to recognize sometimes because they are wrapped up in the everyday paper of life. But, regardless, hidden or not, they are still there.

But, remember, these special parenting moments are fleeting and getting ready to pass us right by, never allowing us to catch up with them again. So, I say let’s notice them again; let’s notice them right now. And let’s enjoy them again; let’s enjoy them right now while we still can. Unfortunately, it can become too late way too soon.

Now, as my Granddaddy always said, “Go learn, lead and lay the way to a better world for all of us. Grab onto, and hold tightly the passing moments of parenting. They will prove to be great experiences and wonderful memories. And once again parents, thanks in advance for all that you do, and all that you will do…

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