A POINT TO PONDER: Summer vow: Look for compromise, see beauty

Published on Sunday, 18 June 2017 21:40
Written by Phil Mikan

The time we have is at best an unknown. We run around doing daily routines thinking everything in our world is fixed in stone. A charity event and a ballfield with a bunch of guys practicing for an annual charity ball game sounds pretty safe, but nowadays not so - if you are politicians in America.

A congressman goes to the practice in the morning, and his life is changed forever by that afternoon. U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.) is shot through both hips; bones shattered, internal organs damaged, with internal bleeding.

Not a good day for the congressman, nor America.

At Penn Station that same day, people go rushing by an ageless man playing a violin in the bowels of the station as people are coming from or going to their train connections. A 3-year-old child stops to listen to the magic of the sound coming from the music man.

He plays five of the world’s most famous violin pieces to perfection; Beethoven would have been pleased. The violin used was worth over $3.5 million. The soliciting musician is one of the most famous violinists, some say the best ever, in the world. He played that night in Carnegie Hall to a packed house, patrons paying in the neighborhood of $100 for the experience.

Just blocks away, playing the same selections, he made $34 (22 people gave to the tip jar).

Most Americans cannot appreciate what is great around them because they are living from day to day. Be it a political system that has stood the test of 250 years and is the template for many of the world’s democratic governments or the sounds of magic in a train station, they go underappreciated, misunderstood or ignored.

We must wake up to the real world of America, a world of blending and compromise. I promise to look for compromise and to see the beauty in front of me every day.

I vow to do that before the community and God.

A point to ponder.

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