A POINT TO PONDER: The first hundred days of the Trump era

Published on Sunday, 7 May 2017 21:42
Written by Phil Mikan

The first hundred days of the Trump administration have come and gone, and we all are still here, the world seems to still be orbiting the sun, and God is still in his heaven. What we have seen is a war between the administration and the mainstream media; they have been relentless in their vitriol and criticism of Mr. Trump and his people.

He apparently can do nothing the media approves of other than bomb Syria. His appointments have been jammed up by the rival party in committee; his attempts at replacement or repeal of Obamacare have been blocked by all the Democrats and enough of the Republicans to keep it from happening.

There seems to be a large enough faction in the Grand Old Party to keep the Republican majority impotent - these are the Republicans who are waiting out the Trump term or those that are more concerned about their office than the people.

Yet the president has been able to nullify many of the Obama acts (executive orders) that many saw as an attack on America and her people. His first hundred days have been a blur of activity and smoke and noise. But much activity: staff hired and fired, hired and fired again.

The noise and movement has been endless and over the top.

As with all presidential administrations, time will tell if we the people win or lose. Some of us feel comforted by the banging and screaming we see every day. There are those who are very worried the administration has flipped, flipped again and flipped yet again on major campaign issues. The Democrats have shown that they are interested in their party first. Is this true of the Republicans?

If Trump has moved to the cover of the elite and corporate biggies, where do We the People go? Are we now We the Sheeple, stuck out in the cold?

A point to ponder.

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