Morin Corp.: A growing company with a loyal staff

Published on Tuesday, 17 July 2018 20:20


BRISTOL - Morin Corp. has been in Bristol for some 60 years, although it has been known by different names over that time.

Morin is a longstanding local employer with a loyal staff, said company spokesman Peter Faulk. “We’ve had people here with tremendous longevity - 20, 30, 40 years. We are unusual in that many of the employees have been here an extremely long time.”

Morin Northeast, one of three locations nationally, is located at 685 Middle St. This Bristol location is the corporate headquarters and is also a manufacturing location for architectural high-end heavier-gauge metal roof and wall systems used in larger commercial architectural projects.

The company was acquired about a decade ago by the Kingspan Group, a $4-billion-plus global worldwide firm based in Ireland, Faulk said. “What we do is we roll form metal that is used in architectural, large commercial buildings, for either walls or roof systems.”

Kingspan is one of Europe’s leading construction product manufacturers, according to the corporate website. “In 2008 the company expanded into the U.S. and currently employs over 1,500 staff across 16 manufacturing and distribution facilities throughout North America. Across a wide range of sectors within the industry, Kingspan’s integrated approach has made its products first choice with architects, contractors, developers and owners. Kingspan’s products help reduce the impact buildings have on the environment throughout their lifecycle.”

Morin specifically works with to inspire the design architects for large scale building projects and our customers are the construction firms that build them, Faulk said. “Right here in Bristol we take large rolls of metal, form them into shape, cut them to length, create all the assembly parts and needed, coordinate all the details and ship them to the construction site. We also have manufacturing in DeLand, Florida, and Fontana, California.”

The company has had some ups and downs over the years, and is now flourishing, he said. “We’ve had tremendous national sales growth recently, and more capital investments here. We just put on a new high-tech roll forming machine line, so we’re growing as a business. Kingspan wouldn’t own us if we weren’t. “We run somewhat autonomous of the parent company, but they check in regularly and love us because we are so progressive and profitable,” he said. “Our product literally ships all over the country from our three locations.”

The Bristol facility has a very low environmental footprint, Faulk said. “We have a very large solar array on our rooftop. We are also a net zero manufacturer in this location, meaning that we buy credits to offset whatever carbon footprint we generate through things that cannot directly convert to renewable energy. We enjoy the environmentally friendly aspect of our manufacturing. We love working with Natural Metals and promote the low environmental impact of our product over some other materials that use environmentally unfriendly materials to save money.”

The Morin philosophy overall is that it’s better to use more durable metals from the start, it is a more environmentally friendly product from the start. It will cost less for everyone long term.

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