Personal touch sets New Avon sales rep apart

Published on Tuesday, 22 August 2017 22:00
Written by Lorenzo Burgio


BRISTOL - After working for Avon for over 28 years, Melissa Rubinowicz has fine tuned her business and integrated it into every part of her life.

Rubinowicz worked out of her home as a full-time independent sales representative for the first 20 years at Avon, which is a social selling beauty company in North America that has independent sales representatives throughout the U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada.

It offers a wide variety of products ranging for skin care, cosmetics, fragrances, personal care products and many more items.

“I loved every minute of it and built up a great business. I had a customer base of about 400 customers and a team of about 50 people,” Rubinowicz said. “However, at about the 20-year mark, I had the opportunity to go corporate and I became a district manager.”

With this promotion, Rubinowicz became in charge of a district of representatives, where she was able to “help build their businesses, answer any questions, have sale meetings, one-on-ones and recruit” for seven years.

She remained district manager until Avon was bought out by Cerberus in August of last year, she said, then the company went from public to private and changed its name to New Avon.

Rubinowicz always loved being an independent sales representative, she said, so she “jumped” at the “opportunity to go into a program to transfer back to selling” with New Avon.

“My goal when I started to transition back, was to within the first year potentially get at least half of my customers back,” she said. “Now, I'm almost exactly to where I was before I left. I picked up a ton of new customers every day.”

Moving back into sales after being a district manager, Rubinowicz said, made her “a stronger leader, definitely more focused” and helped “integrate her business into every part” of her life.

“To become a district manager and have to do meetings in front of people, it’s something you never would have caught me doing before, now it’s second nature,” she said. “This business gave me the confidence to do a lot of different things, and I try to instill that in other sales reps. I can definitely relate my story to them and say listen, ‘it’s not going to happen overnight. If you really want it, you have to work at it.’”

What sets Avon apart from its competitors, Rubinowicz said, is the personal relationship between customers and sales representatives. For example, she explained, she will commonly go door-to-door, which has allowed her to build a personal connection and “pick up some fantastic customers.”

“The difference is the personal touch. I think that aspect is missed. We are on social media and the internet, it can be shipped right to someone without any interaction,” she said. “But I feel that the interaction with a lot of my older customers; I absolutely love. I don’t get to see a lot of my customers, but when I do, I think it makes a difference. They are more loyal and refer more customers to me.”

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