Dawn Brenner

Published on Friday, 27 October 2017 21:20
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Dawn Brenner, Republican Running for the Board of Education.

1. I have not held any positions on the board this is my first time running for a position. I worked in the Plymouth school system for nine years as a literacy tutor. My two children attended Plymouth schools and I love my town. The most important thing in our town is our schools because the absolute most valuable asset of our town is our children.

2. Plymouth is in tough shape and unfortunately some people have given up but that will not help. We all need to pull together and work for one common goal and that is to make our schools great! The morale has been steadily declining amongst all staff and this is just so sad. We need positive role models and uplifting advisors at the helm.


4. Educators should have many objectives, one of which should be to customize plans and excite children about learning. Not testing and tricking with no concern for mastery of the material.




I am very passionate about Plymouth schools because they were headed in a great direction once upon a time and with the right people back on top they can be there again.

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