Melissa Conan-Kremmel

Published on Friday, 27 October 2017 21:15
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Melissa Conan-Kremmel, Incumbent Democrat Running for Board of Education

1. This is my first term on the BOE. I got involved in local government while attending Parent Leadership Training Institute through the Plymouth Early Childhood Council. This is the only public office I have held.

2. Overall, I am happy with Plymouth public schools’ progress. There are still positive changes to be made, however. For instance, our schools need to better understand and approach individualized education. Cookie cutter programs are no longer feasible as our population becomes more diverse.

3. In the two years I have served on the BOE, I have been part of the Policy Subcommittee. We have worked diligently to update policies that are in some cases 20 years old. I have a unique perspective as the organization I work for supports parents of children with special needs. Hearing about the struggles and successes parents have in school systems helps me to be a well informed board member.

4. I hope to see the day when people choose to purchase homes here in town because we have an outstanding school system that outshines other districts in our area.

5. The biggest challenges for Plymouth schools are funding to provide appropriate programs for a wide range of students and support from local citizens and businesses.

6. Plymouth schools’ communication with parents and the community is outstanding. The staff members are caring and compassionate.

7. I enjoy being connected to the school system. Serving on the BOE has given me the opportunity to hear from and interact with members of the community whom I may not have met otherwise.

8. I enjoy hearing from the community as a whole. When making decisions that will affect the school community, I take into consideration the views of the various people with whom I have spoken.

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