Ingrid Green

Published on Friday, 27 October 2017 21:12
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Ingrid Green, Democrat Running for Board of Education

1. Over the past year I have decided to get involved in local government. I feel being a teacher I have a lot to give when it comes Plymouth public schools.

2. The current superintendent is doing a good job keeping the public informed about our schools. Our school leaders are being proactive about safety in our schools by promoting safe access for the children that attend Eli Terry Jr. Middle School. Having a family member work in the Plymouth school system, there is a constant request for additional teachers for special needs students. I would want to see that all students’ needs are being met.

3. Having been a teacher in the Hartford public schools for the last 11 years I feel I have developed many skills and experiences to bring to the Plymouth Board of Education. I have been the head of the hiring committee at my school, leading interviews as well as developing questions for teacher candidates. Being the lead writer for dance curriculum for my school, as well as for Hartford public schools, I have written the first dance curriculum for our district while integrating the new National Core Arts Standards as well as the Common Core Standards. Giving professional development for Hartford public schools I have learned to lead and teach groups of teachers, as well as cooperatively work with administration as well as board members. I have taught pre-kindergarten through college seniors and have a great deal of knowledge on the different needs for various grades.

4. My goals include providing the best education for our students with reduced funds from the State of Connecticut.

5. Currently, like all districts throughout the state, our town is operating with no funds from the state. It is very difficult to prepare a town budget without a state budget. Cuts are being proposed during the school year which may cause disruptions to the students’ education.

6. Plymouth’s schools’ greatest strengths are their teachers and students who make Plymouth shine.

7. I am a teacher for Plymouth public schools, I will work to ensure that Plymouth continues to build its strong education program.

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