Gerard Bourbonniere

Published on Friday, 27 October 2017 21:11
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Gerard Bourbonniere, Incumbent Republican Running for Board of Education.

1. Eight years on BOE. I decided to get involved when the second referendum for the new high school was introduced. I serve on the Parks and Rec Commission, I am into my third term.

2. Yes.

3. Recently hiring a new director of curriculum and a new assistant principal for Terryville High School. I am currently serving on the finance subcommittee for the BOE. I have 20 years of management experience that helps me with managing the BOE budget.

4. Number one, to insure that every student in the Plymouth school system is afforded a quality education. Number two, to try to convince politicians in Hartford that small town Connecticut schools need to regionalize. Also, to convince local politicians that we need to start conversations with other school systems that are interested in regionalizing. Just think of the cost savings that could be incurred if this happened.

5. The budget crisis in Hartford!

6. The greatest strength that the Plymouth school system has is the dedication of central office, faculty, and support staff that allows the students in the school system to thrive.

7. Having conversations with former students that have graduated and tell me how well they were prepared by their teachers to succeed in college. Also, the students that didn’t go on to college and choose to either join the military or move on into the business world.

8. I have the best interest in the education of the children in the Plymouth school system.

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