Edie Balkun

Published on Friday, 27 October 2017 21:09
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Edie Balkun, Democrat Running for a Two-Year Vacancy on the Board of Education.

1. After my time and service in three communities as a teacher (13 years) and building principal (26 years), I decided to step up to serve the families here in my hometown. I continue to be passionate about encouraging curiosity and learning in children and adults.

2. I moved to Plymouth in 2012 and will work collaboratively with BOE members, the superintendent, and parents to provide the best comprehensive learning opportunities for all students in the Plymouth schools. The four school district themes on the website are excellent: “School Safety, Social Emotional Learning, Instructional Expertise, and Curricular Alignment & Enhancement.”

3. My educational background has given me concrete, practical experiences, and the vision for what is possible in a school district and community. My strengths include positive communication and getting things accomplished in a cost effective manner.

4. Collaboration is the key to success. I would work to support education as an investment in our town. My son is now 34, but I believe a solid and innovative education system, including the arts and fitness programs is everyone’s responsibility. Professional development to support teachers is a priority. We must seek ways to enhance learning exponentially through interactive learning rather than solely a “stand and deliver” model.

5. No. 1. Funding. No. 2. Teacher recruitment. No. 3. Technology/Teaching to promote critical thinking. We must embrace all members of the community to fund our schools and promote excellence.

As teachers retire, there will be a need to recruit the very best of the best to teach our young people. Incorporating technology and teaching strategies to broaden knowledge and critical thinking skills are vital to any excellent school district.

6. My neighbors’ children thrive in the Plymouth schools, often in academics, as well as in the music, art, and fitness programs. A comprehensive school district supports a variety of students’ needs. The mentoring program is also very important!

7. I bring experience and a positive outlook on all that is possible in our wonderful community. Plymouth is a special place to live and I will collaborate with parents, the superintendent, community, children, and other members of the BOE to support the important investment in our schools.

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