Christopher M. Simo-Kinzer

Published on Friday, 27 October 2017 21:09
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Christopher M. Simo-Kinzer, Petitioning Candidate Running for Council.

1. While I haven’t held any public office, I have been very active with our Board of Education, Board of Finance, and Town Council over the last six years. I started paying more attention to local government when I realized that was where an individual’s voice has the most impact and influence.

2. No! We have no bond rating and are already in over our head in debt. The current administration is spending money on projects that require council and/or public approval, neither of which is happening. They are also seeking to alter our charter to severely limit public input and remove the budget referendum.

3. I have over 25 years of business and management experience in a family-owned manufacturing company that employs over three dozen people. I’m able to consider all sides of an argument and make a decision based on the facts.

4. Responsible “need only” spending. Streamline the process for new businesses who seek residence in town. Every position and department needs to be assessed for necessity and viability.

5. Not following our charter. Awarding contracts without putting them out to bid. Overspending and crippling debt. No bond rating. Lack of diverse economic development, especially on Main Street. Little to no incentive to bring business into town. When looking to expand our business several years ago, we considered Plymouth and I sat down with the current mayor to discuss our options and was taken aback by the lack of enthusiasm and unwillingness to work with my brother and me.

6. We are a small community filled with citizens that care about our town. Citizens that will support local businesses, but we need more diverse businesses to support. We have direct access to Bristol, Thomaston, and Waterbury - a stretch of Route 6 that is ripe for shops to exist. We need incentives to make Plymouth attractive for business owners.

7. I have a level-headed approach to dealing with issues and problem solving. I don’t feel that any decision should be made rashly, or without all the details and facts. I can listen to opposing, and sometime unpopular, opinions and find the middle ground. I’m a dedicated citizen of Plymouth who wants what will be best for the town to grow and thrive.

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