Connie Kapralos

Published on Friday, 27 October 2017 21:08
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Connie Kapralos, Petitioning Candidate Running for Council.

1. A developer wanted to build 13 condos on three lots in our neighborhood. I organized neighbors to attend all meetings involved in the approval process. I soon discovered that all the regulations and rules were not being followed. After informing all appropriate departments the project was rejected and changed to three lovely single family homes. This is one reason I think following existing regulations and the charter have become so important. This experience showed me how one person or group of people can make a difference.

2. The direction this town is gravitating toward is ominous. Commission and board members are being dismissed for their opinions. Voices are silenced at town meetings and decisions made in the voting booths and multiple referendums have become irrelevant to the present administration. What this town needs is an open government to truly listen to the voices of the people when they speak and vote.

3. When I served on many local boards I listened to the public, then made my decision not before all the testimony or all data was rendered.

4. The goal should be budgeting to our income, not after the money is spent. Our town’s debt has exceeded our credit limit, the goal should be to improve our nonexistent bond (borrowing ability). The state’s budget fiasco is indicative of problems we will all be facing in the very near future. We have to become aggressive in searching out business in the industrial park and downtown to increase our grand list.

5. Our budget, living within our wants versus needs, everyone who has a limited income should understand this basic fact. If we follow our charter everyone will have a voice to the town’s spending.

6. Its residents. We have wonderful volunteers in many capacities. I’m sure there are many people in this town with sound ideas to fix what is broken, but they must be heard, so we can all work together and make Plymouth a vibrant community again.

7. If I am given the privilege of serving on the council I hope to listen to the voice of the often-silenced community. When we follow the established charter/rules everyone will have an equal chance to be heard.

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