Brian Dunn, Plymouth

Published on Thursday, 26 October 2017 21:34
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Brian Dunn, Petitioning Candidate Running for Council.

1. This is my first time running for office. The motivation to do so has slowly built up over the last four-plus years of watching Plymouth’s finances and representation disintegrate under the Merchant administration. When longtime advocate for the Plymouth taxpayers, Pattie DeHuff, entered the mayoral race I knew it was time to follow suit.

2. I do not like the direction Plymouth is currently going. We have an established elite that has slowly but surely shut the people out and are turning this town into an outright dictatorship. I want to change the “good old boys” way of doing things and help give back the people their rightful voice in their government.

3. I’ve spent my career working in manufacturing which requires you to constantly review cost control measures. It’s an industry that forces you to be innovative in getting more “bang for your buck” in order to survive, a concept that shouldn’t be foreign to those running Plymouth. Also, I believe I am a good communicator who tries to look at issues from all angles before coming up with ideas to move forward in a way that, hopefully, benefits all of Plymouth and not just the personal agenda of one person or small group.

4. What is most vital to Plymouth is to restore faith in the people for their representation. The Merchant administration has created far too many wedges in our community. It’s my goal to help “take back the keys” to Town Hall and return them to where they belong, in the hands of the people. I then want to help bring back fiscal responsibility to Plymouth so we can grow in a sustainable way. We have a lot of very long overdue projects to consider but we can’t just keep carelessly mortgaging our future in order to complete them.

5. Getting people involved again. So many residents feel disenfranchised that they just don’t care anymore, and that is a sad testimony of how Plymouth has been run for so long. The people will only return interest in their government if their government is open and willing to listen.

6. From conversations with people around town I feel Plymouth’s greatest asset is its potential, and right now that potential is being stunted by stifled compassion. We have brilliant minds in this town and we are wasting them by not listening to them.

7. If you’re tired, frustrated, concerned, and desire change in Plymouth much like I do, then allow me the privilege of representing you.

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