Josh Medeiros

Published on Wednesday, 25 October 2017 19:36
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Name: Josh Medeiros

Candidate for office: City Council 1st district, Democrat

Place of residence: Bristol

Profession: Director of Canton’s Parks and Recreation Department

Public service experience: Recreation coordinator and aquatics director of Bristol Parks and Recreation.

What do you hope to achieve if elected? “I think we talk a lot about the issues, but we don’t see a lot of action,” he said. “I think we can discuss the problem, hear what people have to say and come to a solution.” Additionally, he wants to explore ways of streamlining services, eliminating duplication, sharing resources and more community private-public partnerships to help meet the needs of the residents. He cited downtown development, Memorial Boulevard School, high quality education and maintaining and improving top notch city services, programs and facilities.

Message to voters: “We need to come together. In Canton, the officials I work with are predominantly Republican, but I still have great relationships with them. I think that as long as someone has the best interests of their community at heart that is all that matters. I enjoy working with all kinds of people and getting perspectives that you might not relate to normally. I want to hear from anyone and everyone in the 1st District who wants to make Bristol a better place to live.”

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