Eric Carlson

Published on Wednesday, 25 October 2017 19:31
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Name: Eric Carlson

Candidate for office: City Council 1st district, Republican

Place of residence: Bristol

Profession: Electrician, owner of Morningside Electric

Public service experience: Carlson is a small business owner and said he understands “what it is like when restrictions are put on businesses that just make things tougher than they should be,” but is also a member of the community. This, and previously serving on ordinance committee, he said, has given him a good understanding of when the city is “overstepping boundaries: telling people what to do and how to do it.”

What do you hope to achieve if elected? Carlson said his goals would include continuing the development for downtown, because “it’s going to work, but it’s going to take time.” However, he said, “We have an opioid problem, and a bit of a homeless problem.” He noted these are two of the biggest challenges the city is facing. “We have to deal with it nicely, to urge these people to get the help they need. There are going to have to be some programs set up,” he said, though, “the biggest problem the city faces right now is the state. We can’t depend on grants coming through.”

Message to voters: “I’m trying to help people get what they want. I’m a city councilman; I don’t have any plans of becoming a state senator or anything like that. I’m just trying to help people.” Carlson explained he likes “getting things done for people” on city council. “I never went in with an agenda. I have ideas, but I’m not going to create an agenda and say ‘I want to do this with the city.’ I don’t approach it like that; I’m trying to help people get what they want.”

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