William Dziedzic

Published on Tuesday, 24 October 2017 21:44
Written by staff

Name: William Dziedzic

Candidate for office: Town Council

Town: Southington

Party: Republican

Years on council: 0, challenger. Experience includes working as a lawyer.

Goal if elected: “Seeing town expenses go down and tax rates decrease is “the key to attracting and retaining the best businesses and the best citizens. If taxes remain high and regulations remain a barrier to entry, businesses will move to our surrounding towns or another state entirely. Giving a new entrant a tax break is not a solution, because that tax break is not free. It falls on the shoulders of the other businessmen and citizens of the town that were not given such a gift. I’d like to see lower taxes for everyone, not just the chosen few.”

Message to voters: “Look around at Southington and the state and evaluate if you think that you and your community are better off than 30 years ago. I’m unabashed in my conviction that smaller, more limited government is when we are at our best. I’ve decided to run now because I think we’ve lost that idea and I could not sit idly by any longer. I will present my vision and if you agree, then I welcome your support. And if you don’t agree, then I’ll be the first to tell you some other candidate is better for you.”

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