60th year of the Mum Festival 'went great'

Published on Monday, 26 September 2022 11:21


BRISTOL – The 60th year of the Mum Festival proved to be a fun, fall festival for all ages say organizers.

Mickey Goldwasser, who serves on the Mum Festival Committee, said that the festival “went great” this past weekend.

“The weather cooperated and it had a very nice vibe,” he said. “There was a nice, family atmosphere.”

The new layout for this year’s event, Goldwasser said, worked well. The festival returned to Memorial Boulevard after being held downtown last year.

“I feel like there were more people this year than last year,” he said. “More people were willing to go out and enjoy themselves. People were relaxing and getting back to the way life used to be.”

Goldwasser said that about 15,000 people came out between last Friday and this past weekend.

“There was a steady group of people throughout the festival,” he said. “The carnival line was the longest I’d ever seen it. People really seemed to be enjoying themselves.”

This year’s festival honored Vietnam War veterans as Hometown Heroes. Goldwasser said that there were several veterans among the crowd, wearing shirts and caps for their service.

“There has always been a lot of pride in Bristol for veterans,” he said.

Another patriotic highlight of the Festival, Goldwasser said, was the hanging of a huge American Flag on Sunday.

This year’s entertainment, carnival and parade were all well received, Goldwasser said.

“Some of the floats were just incredible,” he said.

Goldwasser thanked the rest of the Mum Festival Committee for their efforts in making the Mum Festival a success.

“Planning started back in January,” he said. “They really put their passion into making this a festival that all ages could enjoy. They did an outstanding job.”

Goldwasser also thanked the numerous volunteers who helped out with the festival.

“The Bristol Eastern football team helped to set up vendor booths and the Bristol Central Interact Club volunteered throughout the festival,” he said. “It was nice to see young people get involved.”

The Mum Festival Committee also worked with The Agape House to keep the festival grounds clean.

“As a fundraiser, the folks who used their services helped with trash pickup,” he said. “They wore bright yellow vests and did a phenomenal job. It gave them a feeling of pride.”

Goldwasser summed up the Mum Festival as “Bristol celebrating Bristol.”

“It’s the definition of why we call it ‘Bristol All Heart,’” he said.

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