Bristol woman exposed to eight years in prison after admitting to violating probation she is serving for trying to abduct random child

Published on Thursday, 22 September 2022 16:55


BRISTOL - A Bristol woman is exposed to eight years in prison after admitting to violating her probation – which she is serving for trying to abduct a random child out of the arms of his father.

Crystal Ortiz, 27, of Davis Drive, accepted a plea bargain during a hearing last week in New Britain Superior Court. She admitted to one count of violation of probation, while continuing to plead not guilty to one count of first-degree failure to appear. 

Court records indicate she missed a scheduled appearance in June 2021, when a judge ordered she be rearrested. 

 Ortiz in October 2020 was sentenced to three years of probation. That sentence came after she pleaded guilty to one felony count of risk of injury to a minor.

While on probation, a judge ordered that Ortiz would be exposed to as many as eight years in prison if she were to violate any probation conditions.

The 27-year-old is being held on $1,000 bond while she awaits sentencing. She is due back in court Nov. 2. 

When Ortiz pleaded guilty to risk of injury in 2020, charges of second-degree kidnapping, first-degree unlawful restraint, third-degree assault, interfering with police and second-degree breach of peace were dropped.

Ortiz was first arrested on Oct. 6, 2018, after trying to abduct a 5-year-old child. According to the police report, she encountered the child, his 3-year-old sibling and their father at the Stop and Shop on Farmington Avenue and began following them around the store. She tried to put her arm around the father multiple times and said she was his girlfriend, the report said. The father told police he had not met her before that day.

Officers responded after receiving a 911 call at about 2:13 p.m. They said Ortiz appeared to be under the influence of something. Police found her with her arms wrapped around a 5-year-old boy, who was being held by his father in the parking lot. The child was crying and his father was screaming for help, saying he did not know who Ortiz was.

Police said the 5-year-old suffered some scratches to his neck. He did not need hospitalization.

According to police, Ortiz told officers she had smoked marijuana that may have been laced with something, possibly PCP - a hallucinogen known as angel dust.

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