BRISTOL BITS: Readers remember friends who passed away

Published on Thursday, 22 September 2022 16:25


I received two separate emails from Chris Lafountain Howland with regards to Joe Galiette and Pete Lis, 1963 Bristol Eastern High classmates who have both died. Pete died in 2018 and Joe just recently.

“I read the column that you mentioned Joe in,” she writes. “I was good friends with Joe when he worked at the shoe store in Bristol Plaza.”

She went on to say that there was another fellow who worked part time evenings at the store and it was Pete Lis, who also worked behind the “mic” in radio at a station in Farmington.

“I had so much fun visiting them,” Chris added. “They were both good guys.”

(Note: Pete made radio his career, while Joe became a hair stylist and artist somewhere in the Avon area. Both were standout athletes in high school, Joe in multiple sports and Pete in basketball.)

Copper Ledges

While on my way home late Monday afternoon, I drove by the hospital and off to my left I saw two fellows playing tennis against one another at Copper Ledges. It made me smile, because this longtime and historic venue is still being used.

The two competitors were Karl Czaplicki and Chris Maynard. What made it all the better for me was the fact that I was familiar with their family members. Anyway, Chris is the son of the late Judge Robert and his wife, Peg Maynard, and Karl is known to many as a multi-sport athlete from Bristol Central, having played sports all the way up from his early days in Bristol. Kris played tennis for the school. 

Victor Rosa

Although UConn football was beaten badly by Michign on Saturday, it was nice seeing 2022 Bristol Central graduate Victor Rosa getting in some plays. A freshman, he brings pride to Bristol in representing our population of almost 60,000. Go Victor.

Happy birthday

A belated birthday to former Bristol Press publisher Joseph H. Zerbey, IV, who celebrated on Tuesday.

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