BRISTOL BITS: Remembering a local radio station

Published on Thursday, 23 June 2022 13:22


Bristol once had a radio station WBIS and it was listened to by many from the generation before me. For me, it was, for one reason, hearing the late Pete Lis Show while he was in high school at Bristol Eastern, doing some kind of “far out” humor that caught my ear. It would be nice if these programs were preserved.

As a younger, it would also be catching parts of the Bristol Industrial (Dusty League) in stopping by at Page Park’s softball field. I recall Jackie Roberts at the microphone set up on a table there in announcing these games live over the radio. With this, do you remember any of the star players from those 1950’s days?  

Ms. Barnett

Macie Barnett from California, is here this summer as an intern for our parks and rec. department. A smart gal, she has three separate associated degrees and is here, because she is working on a degree in parks and recreation. Macie is the granddaughter of Bob Barnett, and is staying with him this summer.


Post commander of the VFW 

Here’s a trivia question for readers? Who is a late and former commander of this organization in Bristol that was a merchant marine? I believe his widow is Claudia?

Gardner Wright

The class of 1957 at Bristol High School is planning a reunion luncheon for its 65th anniversary. Contact Gardner Wright at for details.

Terry Marselle

Terry has been taking photos of the on-going work at the former Memorial Boulevard School for the City of Bristol and is wondering if anyone has photos of the school from the past, and that’s when it was completed for use in 1923.

If you can help this former teacher from Bristol, please contact him at 860-306-1607 or

Blessed animals

There were 26 dogs and one cat blessed on Saturday morning in the parking lot of Asbury Methodist Church. Pastor Kun Sam Cho did the honors.


Every year Chippens Hill Middle School selects both a male and female student to be the athlete of the year. Those recently announced for 2002 were Taylor Losee and Ryan Klepps.Taylor played three years of volleyball, basketball and softball, while Ryan took part in soccer, basketball and baseball the past three years.

Contact Bob Montgomery at or by calling 860-583-5132.

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