Bristol Board of Police Commissioners recognize several officers, private citizen

Published on Thursday, 23 June 2022 12:11
Written by Dean Wright


BRISTOL – The Bristol Board of Police Commissioners recognized several officers and a private citizen Tuesday evening for their recent actions taken in saving the lives of area residents.

Officer Paul Groman was recognized with the Life Saving Award for actions taken on March 20 after being dispatched for a medical call on Hull Street. First responders received a report that a male had injured his leg while cutting wood. Upon arriving, the officer located the victim and observed he had lost a lot of blood and was semi-conscious. A chainsaw the victim was operating kicked back and struck his right calf ankle area, described Bristol Police Chief Brian Gould. 

Groman eventually utilized a department-issued tourniquet on the victim to stop the bleeding after attempts had been made with bandages. The victim was taken into medical care.

Detective Joshua Pratt also received the Life Saving Award and was named Officer of the Month for May for actions taken on April 21. 

Pratt was sent to an address on Williams Street due to a report of an unresponsive 11-month old baby. Upon arriving, he determined the child was lifeless and in need of CPR. Pratt administered infant-targeted CPR techniques upon the child for around 20 minutes before the baby developed a pulse and began to breathe again. The child was transported to a medical facility and reported to be recovering.

Officers Samantha Kiss and Ashley Kosikowski received the Letter of Commendation. Priate citizen James Cilibert was recognized with the Citizens Commendation.

On March 14, officers were traveling Riverside Avenue before noticing heavy smoke in the area. Upon further investigation, said Gould, law enforcement found a two-car accident where one of the vehicles had caught fire. One of the vehicle operators was unconscious with a foot slammed on the accelerator. Additional assistance was called in to first responders and officers sought the help of James Cilibert, one of the individuals involved in the crash.

Cilibert informed first responders that the other vehicle operator had struck his vehicle twice and something was not right. Cilibert placed his vehicle into park with the emergency brake activated to prevent the other vehicle from causing any further damage. Cilibert and Officer Zachary Levine were able to remove the other driver from the burning vehicle to safety. It was later determined the driver had suffered an anaphylactic reaction to medication. 

Kiss and Kosikwoski operated fire extinguishers after arriving on scene to keep the vehicle fire under control before Bristol Fire Department arrived. Levine rendered aid and helped extricate the victim from the vehicle.

On May 10, law enforcement responded to an address on Swanson Drive for a report of a mentally disturbed individual who allegedly made threats against himself and children of the ages four and six. Response teams set up in the area and prepared for a barricaded and hostage-involved situation.

Officers covered the front and back of the residence. An individual in the house purportedly communicated with his father that he was going to harm himself and the children due to being served with court papers. He vacated the back of the building with the children. Officer Travis Martin covered the back of the residence and began issuing commands to the individual in an intervention action. 

The male continued to run to a vehicle ignoring commands from Martin and left the area at a high rate of speed, leaving the children behind. Martin secured both children.

The male arrived in another town, where he had been communicating with his father by phone in a conversation watched by Officer Ben Draper before being taken into custody.

Martin was recognized with the Silver Star Award and as Officer of the Month for May.

Officer Mark McGrane received the Letter of Commendation and was recognized as Officer of the Month for May for actions taken with his canine partner, Hunter, in February and March. Both assisted the Bristol Police Narcotics Enforcement Team in five car stops and one search warrant execution. This resulted in the seizure of over $13,000 in illicit narcotics and $2,200 in cash along with seven criminal arrests.

Awarded officers who are involved in the same noted incidents may receive their commendations at different meetings due to various time commitment conflicts.

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