BRISTOL BITS: Taking a look at Dave Peplau, Ed Pelkey

Published on Tuesday, 24 May 2022 13:49


Every once in a while I like to surprise someone here with their photo and a few words about them. Today it’s two fellows, Dave Peplau to the left and Ed Pelkey on the right. 

Besides being members of the Korean War Veterans Association, both are true gentlemen. I’ve known Dave since our Stafford School days way back when and Ed for about 30 years now. Two true gentlemen!

Jayme Parker - NESN

Jayme, who is from Bristol, started her career with NESN in sports in 1996, this after other television experiences in climbing the ladder. I caught her on my TV on Monday and that was on her show, “Outside the Fame.”

Her guest on that show was former Boston Red Sox pitcher Jim Lonberg and he went on to talk about his post-baseball activity, that of becoming a dentist for 20-plus years. Following this, he learned about bee-keeping and currently does this as a love he has developed.

Jayme seems to be having a great time with her NESN work.

Eric Steiner

I asked if anyone knew what became of Eric Steiner, who I recall sold cameras. Well, George Sobestanovich sent me and email to say that Eric has passed away and added:

“He was seen wearing a firearm on his hip, because he drove an armored truck part time.”

With this, I found Eric’s obit. He died at age 54 in 2014.

Larry Nelson - call me

I received a complementive phone call from Larry the other day when I wasn’t home, so he left a message with his phone number. I couldn’t hear the phone number clearly, so if you see Larry tell him to give me another call. 

I’ve known Larry as far back as high school, perhaps even before that when he utilized the Forestville Boys Club back in our day. 

Mike Arburr

It’s hard to believe, but it has been just over 10 years since Mike Arburr died. Mike was a great community-minded fellow who was an advocate and leader for youth sports in Bristol. For those who do not know, there is a Mike Arburr Foundation, a 501c3 recognized charity, that has helped fund a number of organizations for the young folks in sports.

This includes the up-and-coming 10th Annual Mike Arburr Golf Tournament on June 29, 2022 at Hawk’s Landing in Southington. To date, the foundation has given out over $60,000. If you want to donate or know more about the tournament, call Rick Glownia at 978-888-3960. 


Six folks have birthdays on Friday, Jeanne Virovoy, Ken Thompson, Cheryl Yetke, Vicki Smith Davis, George Cowles and Woody Crosby.

Contact Bob Montgomery at or by calling 860-583-5132.

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