Bristol Central High School inducts numerous World Language students into their respective National Honor Societies

Published on Monday, 23 May 2022 17:03


BRISTOL – Bristol Central High School (BCHS) inducted numerous World Language students into their respective National Honor Societies on Monday, and also presented them with a variety of other rewards related to their language programs.

Kathleen Archibald, world language department coordinator, led the ceremonies held in the school auditorium Monday. Other department teachers were present to hand out awards to their respective students. Several friends and family members of the recipients applauded and cheered for the winners’ accomplishments.

“We’re thrilled to be doing this again in person after two years because, Zoom is 'no bueno,'” said Archibald. “Thank you to all the parents who supported our students over the years. To our seniors – we will miss you so much and we wish you the best of luck.”

The event saw World Language Book Awards presented to students who were selected by their teachers for their dedication to their studies.

The Nancy Henderson Spanish Book Award was given to Martina Jagielski, the Ralph Nestico French Award went to Mia Roucoulet, the Dorothy Bain Raviele Italian Award went to Ethan Aurigemma and the Loretta Teevan Latin Award was presented to Evin Berube.

Kelly Monahan-DiNoia, Latin teacher at Bristol Central High School also spoke a bit about the Loretta Teevan, after whom the Latin Award was named. Teevan taught Latin in Bristol for 43 years and died this January.

“She was a strict and firm teacher who challenged students to live up to her expectations,” said Monahan-DiNoia. “I know that she would have loved this year’s recipient.”

Monahan-DiNoia said that Berube was enthusiastic and passionate about Latin and will continue to study Latin at UConn, hoping to become a certified high school teacher.

“Hopefully you will take over for me after I retire,” she said.

For the National Italian Exam, Beckett Hennessey was presented the gold medal, Francesca Amara received the silver medal and the bronze medal went to Grace Mazzone.

Polyglot Awards were presented to students who were enrolled in multiple language programs at Bristol Central High School. Recipients included Beckett Hennessey, Hannah Krueger and Umar Malick.

“This is a great achievement,” said Archibald. “I am beyond super proud for students who have reached this level of achievement. It’s a wonderful feather in your cap.”

The Connecticut Seal of Biliteracy was given to 30 Spanish students. The other language programs will receive their Connecticut Seal of Biliteracy Awards at a later time.

BCHS Spanish National Honor Society inductees include Kylee Barnes, Olivia Blanca, Janelle Brand, Jimmy Cantarero, Riley Caudill, Joshua Clukey, Angel Diaz Lopez, Madison Dumas, Jaizalee Gonzalez, Abigail Hansen, Rowan Hennessey, Gabriella Jimenez-Ramos, Jack Jones, Tyler LeVasseur, Aleida Lyon, Kadyn Matos, Miranda Muscara, Olivia Norrie, Isabella Paolino, Cydney Pelletier, Ailina Perez Flores, Tracy Pierre, Abigail Quintero, Fryda Ramos, Hailey Rosado Lopez, Kate Schilling, Aiden Smith, Sophia Stark, Brooke Valentino and Dorian Wilczynski.

French National Honor Society inductees include James Totten, Gabriela Poniat, Fatima Aamir, Ava Bouchard, Mikayla Brown, Aryonna Doyon, Taylor Porrini, Alexia Roy, Megan Sicotte, Kaidyn Sigmund and A’zaria Womber.

Italian National Honor Society inductees include Umar Malick, Jennifer Veloz-Avila, Leslie Caivinagua, Viet Cao, Emma Costello, Madison Lesko, Sophia Mazzone and Brooke Rinaldi.

Latin National Honor Society inductees include Nyomi Cordero, Luke Losacano, Madison Pflugbeil, Nathan Stone, Emma Tedesco and Elianna Trestman.

Students who scored within the top 15% of the Connecticut State Latin Exam were also recognized. Archibald said that 2,500 students take this exam every year.

Students who made the top 15% of the Connecticut State Latin Exam include Evin Berube and Hanna Kreuger in Latin IV; Madison Pflugbell in Latin III; Mackenzie Little in Latin II. Victoria Testa, Isabella Rivera, Leigha Powell and Nicholas Carmelich for Latin I had the highest scores in the state for the exam. Hannah Aldieri, Elizabeth Blanca, Charles Pittman, and Keegan Thormahlen in Latin IV; Oscar “Alex” Cruz, Celines Quiroga, and Nathan Stone in Latin III; Emmanuel Ceron-Mantilla, and Isabella Scarola in Latin II. Samantha Licki and Adrien Milewski Latin I had the second highest scores in the entire state of Connecticut on the exam.

Students who scored high in the National Latin Exam were also recognized. Archibald said that this Exam began in 1976, initially with just students in the U.S. It has since grown to see 130,000 students participate annually worldwide.

Nicholas Carmelich had a perfect paper and was given an award hand-written in calligraphy for his efforts.

Gold medal winners in Latin IV included Hannah Krueger and Evin Berube; Latin II gold medal winners included Mackenzie Little and Latin I gold medalists included Nicholas Carmelich, Samantha Licki, Adrian Milewski, Leigha Powell and Ahala Sarmiento.

Silver medal winners in Latin IV included Keegan Thormahlen and Charles Pittman; Latin III Madison Pflugbell; Latin II Isabel Paolino, Aengus Repeta and Isabella Scarola; Latin I Isabella Rivera and Victoria Testa.

Third place winners in Latin IV included Hanna Aldieri, Elizabeth Blanca, Dylan Green and Amber Whitford; Latin III Luke Losacano, Celines Quiroga, Melissa Silahak, Nathan Stone and Emma Tedesco; Latin II Emmanuel Ceron-Mantilla, Nicholas Dudek, Mila Giantonio and Umar Malick; Latin I Shamus Whittaker.

After each Latin student came up to receive their awards, Monahan-DiNoia made sure to wish them “Gratulationes.”

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