Former Nuchie's location has sold

Published on Friday, 13 May 2022 16:31
Written by Dean Wright


BRISTOL – With a fond farewell, sibling duo, Mike and David Pasqualicchio, owners of the iconic venue and banquet hall, Nuchie’s, have sold the location to the Wireless Shop. 

For 45 years, the brothers ushered in many a life-changing event with families celebrating weddings, pageant activities, salutes to new military recruits, Christmas events and more. Now, the Wireless Shop, currently in New Britain, will call the 164 Central St. location home and headquarters.

The Bristol Economic and Community Development Board of Commissioners approved a $78, 000 grant to the business for reimbursement in relocation, renovation and purchase costs at the former Nuchie’s. According to Wireless Shop CEO Raj Anthonypillai, the business is looking to add potentially 14 new employees to its commercial force.

“We’ve been around for almost 25 years,” said Anthonypillai. “Our background is in the wireless business and we are a master dealer with AT&T Mobile, H20 Mobile, Lycamobile and many others MVNOs.”

MVNOs are recognized as mobile virtual network operators and are independent wireless communication service providers that do not own their own network infrastructures. They make agreements with mobile network operators, such as AT&T or T-Mobile, to gain access to network services. As a master dealer, the Wireless Shop helps MVNO retailers by providing equipment, wireless supplies, SIM cards and more. Much of the Wireless Shop’s services focus on business-to-business relationships.

“We are excited and have gotten a lot of support from the city,” said the CEO. “We’re not just doing wireless but many different portfolios. Wireless is one of them. We also do franchise consultancy.”

Among the Wireless Shop's many other ventures, it intends to invest into mobile device repair and provide services in the healthcare community. While the current Nuchie’s building may see parts of it renovated, Anthonypillai noted the company would like to keep some space open for potential venue business opportunities.

Mike Pasqualicchio said the only things the brothers retrieved from the facility were personal effects. The sale was completed in mid-April.

The Pasqualicchio brothers started as dishwashers at a restaurant owned by Nuchie Morocco before going into business with him at the banquet hall. After a few years, the pair approached him about buying his portion of the business and taking over. Mike said the pair were practically there every day for decades in one form or another serving the Bristol community.

The brothers, now in their 60s, closed the location with the onset of the pandemic and felt it was time to turn the page for a new chapter in their lives in retirement. 

“I met my wife there. We’ll always remember what it provided us,” he said. “A lot of family worked there. It was a tough life and we worked seven days a week, but we got a good life out of it.”

The city and Nuchie’s previous owners had potentially researched grant opportunities through FEMA at one point with some of those exploring the option of demolition. The location, however, will remain a viable business spot.

“This is a unique opportunity,” said Mayor Jeff Caggiano. “First, it will be comforting for most in Bristol to see the iconic Nuchie’s building to be repurposed. Although there is no replacement for Nuchie’s, the Wireless Zone will bring a new generation of a family-owned business. Bristol is lucky to keep a little of the old with the new.”

Posted in The Bristol Press, Bristol on Friday, 13 May 2022 16:31. Updated: Friday, 13 May 2022 16:33.